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A Short Background of the Limo

November 16th, 2022

The sleek sedans we now call limousines are a creation of the 20th century. Traditionally to the rich and wealthy they are now much used for occasions like weddings, funerals and proms. They have turn out to be an alternative to taxis. The automobiles frequently transport folks to their latest travel destinations or to aid senior politicians get to important policy meetings. Radio and television stations may also hire them to provide rides to their latest guests. But what is the history behind these elegant automobiles?

The very first limousine was built in the French province of Limousin. It’s said that the covered part of the limousine was thought to resemble the hood customarily worn by shepherds in the province. Other experts claim that limousine drivers often donned a hood much like the one worn by shepherds within the region to protect themselves from unpredictable weather. Whatever the case, the limousine industry became considerable in the modern era, developing particularly in the United States and Europe.

Nowadays there are many varieties of limousines. Although they were uncommon until the 1970s, the limousine industry is over 80 years old. The brainchild of Armbuster Organization, the first stretch limo was built in Fort Smith Arkansas in 1928. At this time, such vehicles typically provided transportation to the trendy large band leaders of the day, among them Benny Goodman and Glenn Miller. In the 1950s, teen sensation Elvis Presley purchased a Lincoln Premier limousine to make use of personally, although the automobiles are usually owned by organizations or institutions. In the 1970s, the limousine business saw its initial huge break.

The 1970s were a time when numerous car producers were beginning to create their own versions of the luxury vehicles. With more and a lot more organizations seeing the appeal of limo travel, another crucial part of the industry emerged- limousine hire. An enterprising young New York entrepreneur named David Klein dreamed that within the future limos will be an everyday sight within the urban landscape of his hometown, akin to its signature yellow taxicabs. When Large Apple taxi drivers went on strike in 1970, Klein got a taste of his wish. His as yet short-lived accomplishment inspired him to embark on a business venture with a friend. Starting with a one-Cadillac fleet, Klein’s business took off within the 1980s. This allowed him to join forces with with a comparable limo company referred to as Solombrino. He hired limo operators and grew the classic stretch limo by adding an added 10 feet for the chassis of stylish Lincoln Town Cars. Feeling the auto was flawless, Klein started to include the leisure amenities common in today’s limos to complete the elegant transportation experience he envisaged.

A Brief History of the Stretched Limo

April 21st, 2022

Although the stretched limousine is, today, an iconic and quickly recognizable car, it was not always this way. These luxury chauffeured cars have come a long way from their beginning days in the early 20th century.

Before Ford
Long before Henry Ford invented his Model T, chauffeured carriages existed for the wealthy. These horse-drawn vehicles offered an enclosed space for their passengers to relax in without having to experience the harshness of the road. Passengers were separated from their chauffeurs, who were often exposed to the elements. This separation of rider and driver provided the building blocks necessary for the first motorized limos.

Early Models
The first motorized limousines were cars whose passenger seating was enclosed, like carriages of old. Most automobiles of the day had open chassis, so the enclosing of the chassis marked a distinct, new sort of vehicle. The very first fully enclosed limo was built in 1902, but earlier, partially enclosed prototypes existed.

Let’s Stretch
As cars became the standard transportation, especially for important individuals, there became a need to transport more people in a single vehicle. The very first stretch limo was created in 1928 by Armbruster, an Arkansas manufacturer. Often called “big band buses” because of the clientele they normally transported, these cars quickly became popular. Hotels began using them to take guests to and from the airport and on sightseeing expeditions. The Great Depression didn’t slow down the stretch limo’s popularity, and Hollywood quickly picked up on the trend, cementing it forever in our cultural landscape.

Truly, it seemed you hadn’t arrived if you didn’t arrive in a limousine.

Modern Day
The stretch limo evolved into the elongated sedan car we know and love today. Doors were added to accommodate extra guests, and amenities like sun roofs and in-cabin refreshments became the norm. Today, super-ultra stretch limousines can carry as many as 12 passengers, but normally they carry between 6 and 10 passengers.

With the rising popularity of SUVs, limousine manufacturers realized that they should create stretch SUV limos in addition to the traditional stretched sedan car. Early stretch SUVs created quite the stir, but today, they are as common as any other kind of limo. These vehicles can carry more people than sedan-style limos, accommodating a maximum of 20 passengers. Many people prefer this style of limo because it offers more room inside to add both space and amenities that do not fit in a sedan-style luxury automobile.